Some more Mozambique shots. 

Rock House, Llanllwchaiarn.

Beginning to look forward to this type of weather, especially Autumn before it truly hits. 

Portuguese Church, Mozambique

Mossuril, Mozambique

Ilha De Mozambique is a beautiful place, yet not really - quite - ‘Mozambique’. 

Great group of kids in Northern Mozambique. Taken on Children’s Day, these guys were so excited to have their photos taken. Especially when there were toys and sweets in the offering later on. 

Shots from my latest project on Behance for Glasgow based television studio STV. Take a look, even if just to see what happens when you put a camera in a block of ice.

Got back from Mossuril, Mozambique yesterday. A great experience, and was a true pleasure to work with the locals. Camera broke, after taking it into the Indian Ocean, but got a load of shots before it. 

This dude was super happy to see himself after each photo. 

Hey guys, why haven’t I been posting stuff recently? Well, I’m currently in Mozambique (3rd week out of the month here). And will post endless photographs of the scenery, landscape and people here. But until then, we’re running a blog. 

My camera broke the other day, so read the tale of that and expect the shots that took it down to the depths.